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Day to Night with Downtown Chic Boutique

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I love any outfit that can go from day to night with only a few minor adjustments. When I saw this jumpsuit I knew that it would be the perfect day-to-night piece for a casual summer work day. 

Paired with a crisp white blazer and nude pumps, it's effortless office chic. For a summer evening, you can add some sparkle (like the gorgeous O&P jewelry I'm wearing here!) and a statement shoe (my black lace up pumps never fail me) to create an outfit that is perfect for after work drinks or a night out with friends.

What I really like about this jumpsuit is the heavy fabric. So many jumpsuits are made of cotton or thin materials that are not exactly workplace friendly (nor do they hold up well as far as wrinkles go!) In contrast, this jumpsuit is made of a heavy polyester and the white tank top portion is lined so you don't have to worry about any see-though moments (score!)

You can find this jumpsuit at Downtown Chic - which is a boutique I recently came across (read: became obsessed with haha) because of their motto to find items that are work day appropriate, but still fashion forward. I love that we are starting to see stores made for #GirlBosses with the understanding that we want to have clothes that exude professionalism in the work place - but are still fashionable and made for our busy lives. 

In other news, I AM OFF TO NEW ORLEANS TODAY! I cannot wait (... just in case the caps lock didn't make that clear, haha). I'll be staying active on instagram so be sure to follow along. And if you're a NOLA local, or if you've travelled there before, I'd love recommendations!

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How to Pack for 4 Days with Just a Carry On

tips on travelling carry on

I leave for New Orleans on Friday (woohoo!) so today I wanted to share with you how I pack for a 4 day trip with only a carry-on.

Traveling carry-on is no small feat - especially for a fashion blogger haha! But; I have honed my packing skills over the years and today am sharing with you exactly what I packed for my 4 (actually almost 5) day trip in the hopes that it will help your own packing in the future! 

Step One: Plan Your Travel (Flight) Outfit

The first thing I do when preparing to pack a carry on for a trip is to select all of the clothes and shoes I would ideally bring. From here, I pick a wear-in-flight outfit based on items I know would be bulkier or harder to pack, while also keeping in mind the need to be comfortable in-flight. 

For this trip, I am therefore wearing jeans (the only pants I'll be bringing - yay for warm weather!), my coziest tee, and a denim jacket. I selected three pair of shoes for my trip and am wearing my black wedges because they are the bulkiest and, therefore, I want to avoid packing them! (I also always pack a pair of socks in my purse so I can keep my feet cozy in flight)

Step Two: Clothes

Since I've already got my giant pile of "clothes I would wear i had 5 giant suitcases.. or a pack mule" I then start narrowing down what outfits I actually need. Think about the types of things you'll be doing - do you need a 'night out' outfit? Do you need a dressy outfit? etc.

For this trip I need 2 'going out at night' outfits & 3 daytime outfits. The day time need to be both semi-fancy and casual for various touristy activities. For this purpose, I packed:
- 1 skirt & tee
- 1 casual dress
- 1 'night out' dress
- 1 'night out' romper
- 1 pair of shorts
- 2 tops
- pajamas/undergarments

the most space-efficient way to pack your clothes is to roll them (as you can see in the photo above)

Step 3: Shoes & Bags

For this trip I packed two pair of shoes - the converse you can see in the above photo, and these embellished blush flats. In addition to the larger purse I'll be carrying on the plane, I also packed my tory burch cross body for every day activities. I always recommend cross-body bags for travel / tourist-ing as you definitely want to be hands free!

Tip: stuff a cotton tee or other small item into your cross body bag to make sure the bag doesn't get crushed and loose its' shape being stuffed in your  carry-on bag.

Step 4: Toiletries / Jewelry

I pack makeup & toiletries last because you know you may have to remove these items when you go through security. Best to not have to dig through everything to do so!

Tip: pack any liquid makeup and toiletries in a separate ziplock bag; again it makes it easier going through security and it gives you an extra bit of protection in case anything leaks.

Tip: I swear the ONLY way to pack your jewelry for travel is with a weekly pill box dispenser (...not sure if that's what they are called, but you know what I mean!) This way you can put earrings and necklaces in separate compartments so they don't get tangled or mixed up. I then use old jewelry bags for any statement pieces that don't fit in the pill box (in this case I am bringing this new choker, and these new earrings)

Eh Voila!!  

4 days worth of stuff in one tiny carry-on! I also always bring my Tory Burch Tote as my purse when traveling on a plane because it is by far the roomiest handbag I have. In it I pack my laptop, at least 2 books, a notebook/pens, snacks, comfy socks and my phone charger.  

  As I promised in Monday's post, here's a sneak peek of the items I packed for my trip. Shop them all in the widget below:

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Ruffles & Sparkles

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The moment I saw this red ruffle sleeve coat I knew it had to be mine! It's the perfect coat for spring with it's three quarter sleeves and lightweight fabric. It can be a challenge to dress for daytime events in the spring (brunches, baby showers, etc.) because of the finicky weather. Adding a lightweight coat is a must! 

I decided to pair this statement coat with an old cream colored dress and some accent jewelry. I love this statement bracelet. I really like the look of bangle type bracelets but I just find them so impractical / uncomfortable to wear. This bracelet is, therefore, perfect because it is bound by an elastic so I can wear it without feeling like it's getting in my way all day. (...Which is very important when trying to brunch real hard and drink mimosas haha)

I wear these shoes all. the. time. and for good reason - the mary jane look is a classic, but it can actually be unflattering as it cuts off the elongated line of your legs. These mary janes are thus one of my most-worn pairs of shoes because the strap that makes them a 'mary jane' sits lower on the foot than usual. This helps avoid the 'cutting off' look, and maintains the elongation that heels give to your legs. These exact shoes are sold out, but you can get a high-end similar 'low cut mary jane' here, and a crazy affordable one, here. I SO recommend everyone get a pair!

In other news, 5 more days until I head to New Orleans for a quick vacation! I cannot wait. If you have any suggestions for places I need to go, restaurants I need to eat at, etc., definitely let me know in the comments below. And be sure to come back to the blog on Wednesday for a peek at what I'm packing and some tips on traveling light!

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