Weekend Wear | Seersucker & Bows

 How. Stunning. Is. This. Dress.

I have always been a sucker for seersucker (ha!). It just automatically relaxes your mood and invokes summer vibes. I just want to be sitting on a porch in the summer breeze drinking sweet tea in this dress. What really won me over about this dress though is the sweetheart neckline into the off-the-shoulder bow tie sleeves.

This summer dress takes what would be something very classic (a seersucker material) and adds an on-trend flare with the off the shoulder and the bows. It's basically dress perfection in my opinion. I also really like that this dress is a bit longer. I love short summer dresses as much as the next girl, but it's nice to find a change of pace with more formal tea length dress. This dress would be the perfect dress for an end-of-summer work parties you may have coming up!!

The good news is that this dress also comes in a coral-pink seersucker (I definitely went back and forth between the two colors before settling on this blue - they are just both so perfect!). The bad news is that it is almost out of stock!! Make sure you get your hands on this perfect summer dress asap (I've linked it below). Don't wait or you may be disappointed!
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Work Wear | Sleeveless Pink Blazer

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and feel ready for the work week ahead. Whenever I need an energy boost for my work week *cough* most Monday mornings *cough* I pick out brighter than usual wear to work outfits. Starting your work week off with a 9 to 5 outfit that makes you smile is one of the best ways to make your Monday just a little brighter.

When I saw this pink sleeveless blazer I knew instantly this would be a perfect Monday morning item! In order to squeeze every last bit out of the summer weather and summer fashion I wanted to style this pink blazer in a way that felt appropriate for a summer's day at the office. To do so, I went with an all white look. These white wide leg pants have quickly become a summer office wear staple (get yourself a pair now for the last month of summer weather!). 

The white top is new, and I picked it up because I just love the only slightly bell sleeve shape. The small slit in the fabric from wrist to mid-forearm gives the sleeves a bell sleeve, draped look when you move. It's an easy update to a basic white wear-to-work shirt! I also like that it shows off your wrists more than most office wear items- so it's the perfect excuse for a statement bracelet or watch. 

If you want to recreate this outfit, I've linked up the exact sleeveless blazer below in black, as it's sold out in pink. I did link up a similar pink one though, as well as this exact white shirt. And if you need a little more laughter in your Monday morning head on over to my instastories for some Monday morning posts to make you smile :)

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#GirlBoss | Interview with Ally (Photographer)

I am beyond excited to be sharing today's post with you all! This is the first post in a new series I'll be doing. Every few weeks I'll be sharing a new #GirlBoss post with you. These posts will each profile a different woman who, to me, embodies what it means to be a girl boss. These are women who are taking control of their careers and building the lives they want for themselves.

I wanted to share this series with you because while this will always be first-and-foremost a fashion blog; you know that the underlying goal I have is to help inspire and motivate other young women in their fashion choices, but also their lives as young working women in this world. Through this series it is my hope that you will get an understanding of how various women got to where they are in their careers and that you feel motivated and inspired. 

I will be asking each woman I interview the same questions and providing their answers here for you. The questions range from getting to know the person, to career struggles to, of course, so fashion questions at the end. I would LOVE to hear (let me know in the comments below) what you think about this series, and if you have any questions. 

Now, without any further ado, let me introduce you to #GirlBoss Ally Matos. 

Ally Matos is a Vancouver based photographer at AllyFotografy Media Co. Below is her #GirlBoss Interview.

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I am a photographer / videographer as well as an influencer who specializes in content creation.

Q: How did you get into it; tell me about your path?

A: I actually started out doing photography as a hobby in 2005. I had just recently graduated with a degree in criminology and was planning on starting a career as a youth counselor. I was working in London Drugs in the photography department as my part time job and thought of photography as a fun hobby. My sister-in-law, knowing that i had some knowledge of photography, asked me to do a maternity shoot for it. It was the first shoot I did and that basically started my career in photography! People began asking her where she got her photos done so I just fell into doing it as a side piece.

Q: I understand you’ve recently had some career developments – tell me about that?
A: I recently went full time with Ally Fotogragy and I expanded into content marketing. I work with brands and companies to create social media advertisements and marketing for them. I also recently launched my own blog.

Q: What motivates you / inspires you / makes you keep doing what you do?
A: What motivates me is being able to help businesses grow and the idea that I am part of a bigger story. When I create I feel fully myself... I guess it's that whole "sets your soul on fire" thing. I feel like I'm doing what I'm meant to do in this world and to be able to do so while seeing businesses grow is so satisfying. I feel like I am able to use photography to fulfill my own creative passions while also helping companies and, through that, leaving my mark.

Q: What is the biggest struggle with what you do?

A: I think right now my biggest struggle is time management and staying organized! At this point, I'm everything – the person taking the photos, editing photos, administrative work, etc., so finding time for myself is hard. When you're your own boss your'e basically constantly working (editorial note from Lee: I second this 1000%). I never clock out I'm always immersed and I can get lost in it because I like what I do, but, there obviously still has to be balance. I need to take time to myself. 

Q: What does being a Girl Boss mean to you?
A: Oooohh good question! (editorial note from Lee: Thanks girl!! 🙊) To me, being a girl boss means representing who I am. I think its about stepping into my power. It's addictive actually. I think it's amazing being a woman in business and being my own boss has given me a new confidence. I think it's this new confidence that even in aspects where the world doesn’t see confidence or skill yet, I see it in myself.

Q: What's the biggest challenge you’ve found, if any, in being a female doing what you do? 
A: Easy: being recognized as a professional. Especially being young. People don’t take you as as seriously. I am self taught as well and find that that makes it harder. In this industry you're always having to prove yourself and prove your worth. This has been made more challenging by the things I just mentioned. The biggest challenge then is not letting that effect me from keeping at it and chasing my dreams.

Okay; some fashion questions!

Q: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
A: The bell sleeve trend. I love it. Though I swear you need clips though for actually being able to eat with those sleeves!!

Q: Any thoughts on fashion and your career?
A: For me, being a photographer having my own studio I work a lot from home. So, the biggest struggle is not having that opportunity to get up and feel like "ok, I'm getting dressed and ready for the day". I think many women who work from home have this struggle. One of the biggest things I love as I'm expanding as an influencer is getting to work with brands and finding new comfy clothes. Now, instead of putting on sweats when I wake up, I'm finding new products that are cute but comfy. I'm loving being able to put on clothes that are still comfy so I can work from home, but I still feel like I am getting dressed and ready. Fashion that’s really accessible. You can find stylish clothing that is actually comfortable to be working from home in!

Q: What is the one item you own that makes you feel most empowered?
A: One of my camera bags. It’s a purse that functions as a camera bag. I think its really cool because my camera can always be on me without me feeling like I'm carrying around an ugly boring camera bag, ruining my style. I feel empowered with the bag because I get to feel fashionable and good about myself when I have it, but I'm still carrying my camera which is my tool- my empowerment. 

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Shopping | On-Trend Earrings

I think the reason I have always loved jewelry so much, is that it affords you the opportunity to change an entire look or outfit easily and affordably. When you feel like your clothes are boring, or you feel uninspired fashion-wise, a pair of earrings can change that. As a teenager I had to wear a uniform to school, so jewelry was how I could express myself. Not to mention that unlike buying new handbags and shoes, you can easily update your look with jewelry on a budget!

I love jewelry (especially earrings) even more now as a working professional. When your dress is code is limited, as it is for most women working in a corporate setting, jewelry can be a great way to express your personal style while keeping your overall outfit business appropriate. 

As we move towards fall (and yes, I can't believe I'm saying that already, eek!) there are so many great new earrings. The trends in earrings this season are numerous - which is great as I really think there is something for everyone!

The biggest trends are geometric pieces, bright colors, and tassel detailing. I've created three widgets below so you can shop my favorite earrings in each of these categories.

Which earring trend is your favorite? Will you be wearing any of these this fall?!

Geometric Earrings:

Bright Colored Earrings:

Tassel Detail Earrings:

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Work Wear | Lace & Jade Green

This lace top has very quickly become the most worn item in my wardrobe! I seriously can't get enough of it. It is perfect for work but also works great with jeans on the weekend. I grabbed it during the Nordstrom sale, but luckily they do still have it in stock! It also comes in a blush color and fits true to size.

You've seen my jade green midi skirt on the blog before - it's another wear-to-work staple. It's old, but I found a very similar one that I included in the widget below! Paired with this lace top, it just feels like a perfect outfit for a work day as we wrap up the summer. Midi skirts have been saving me from the heat all summer long!

My accessories are old, my heels are some of my favorites - they are Kate Spade mary janes - but I found two similar pairs that I included below. What I like about these heels (and the two I linked up) is that while they are Mary Jane's the strap sits very low on the foot, keeping the elongated line you normally get from a high heel. Ie. your legs look long!

I'm keeping this post short and sweet today because, frankly, I've been feeling burned out lately. Work has been absolutely insane the past two weeks and I am gearing up to start a 7 week trial mid-September. That combined with all the planning for New York Fashion Week and I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and like there is not enough hours in the day. I definitely don't want to miss any posts on the blog though, as I love getting to share outfits and fashion tips with you all. If you've got any good tips on how you deal with stress and simply being too busy, please let me know!

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Weekend Wear | Floral Maxi Dress

 This may be one of my favorite non-work outfits of all time. I am completely obsessed with this floral wrap maxi dress. Somehow it manages to feel casual but fancy at the same time. Plus you get the whole "when I walk my dress flows around me like a total boss" thing; so that's basically always a fashion win haha.

Seriously though, I cannot say enough good things about this maxi dress. From the wrap detailing to the fact that it is lined to the knee only so the bottom is sheer, this dress is perfection! I also like that while it is a floral print maxi dress, the floral isn't overpowering. The grey and pale pink tones are understated.

I have been wanting this necklace for MONTHS, having seen it on so many bloggers instagram feeds. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it a few weeks ago and could not be happier! The necklace is exactly as I expected - from the way the three layers naturally fall on your neck, to the quality of it - I would definitely recommend this piece of jewelry. If you watched my instastories while I was visiting my family in Ontario two weeks ago you may have noticed that I wore it literally every single day. #AddictedMuch?

In other news, I am in full-on planning mode for New York Fashion Week. I'm going to be there September 8 - 12th. I would love to hear any suggestions you guys may have about the best coffee shops to go, best restaurants, and any boutiques I need to shop at! Things will be hectic running to-and-from fashion shows, but I am determined to sneak in a bit of New York exploring while I am there. I'm even planning on getting up really early one morning so I can sneak in a run in Central Park before the day starts. ... We'll see if I succeed in actually making that happen haha.

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Shopping | Summer Dresses under $100

The fact that summer is almost over is hard to believe. The silver lining though? Summer sales! Last week I posted the best wear-to-work sale items for summer, and this week I wanted to talk about summer dresses. With all the summer sales going on there are some amazing deals to be had on both wear-to-work dresses and fun summer weekend dresses. 

In fact, I was able to find a TON of amazing dresses that are now under $100. Many in fact are under $60! I have linked up my favorites below. These dresses 'made the cut' as my favorites because they feature things that are trendy right now (ruffles, off-the-shoulder, etc.) but aren't so trendy that they will be out of style by next summer. These are great dresses to wear now while knowing you can still style them next summer.

Two things: 

1) I just purchased one of the dresses below. Any guesses which one?! 

2) Stocking up on these dresses is also great if you have any fall/winter tropical vacations planned. I'm going to Aruba the first week of November on a girls trip with my mom (so excited!) Are you going anywhere warm this fall/winter?
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Work Wear | A Floral Dress for Summer and Fall

I am sucker for dropped waist dresses ( remember this dress?) They are universally flattering, work appropriate, and still 'fun' enough to be dressed up for a night out or a brunch. It may be the most versatile dress silhouette. This dress caught my eye because of not only the dropped ruffled hem, but the gorgeous floral pattern and long sleeves.

As every working woman knows no matter how gorgeous and warm it is outside, office's are universally freezing (did you catch my facebook post about this? haha) So, I love finding long sleeve dresses to wear to work. As most of you know, because I am in court 9 days out of 10, I do have to wear a blazer. So, when I am out of court and working in the office or in meetings, the last thing I want to do is wear a blazer, so a long sleeve dress is a perfect solution. 

Today's shoes I actually borrowed from my mom, and I loved them! I wore them out while my mom and I went shopping one day and, surprisingly, my feet didn't hurt after. I may have to get a pair for myself - especially because they are now 50% off and are under $50!!

My bracelets are my go-to's (as anyone who has been reading this blog for a while now knows haha). They are also linked up below and are from Olive & Piper; my favorite online jewellery store. Remember you can always get 20% off any item at O&P with the code "LegalLee"

Finally, my Tory Burch bag. I heart this little guy so very much. It is from last season, but I have included this season's version below. Seeing as I am the queen of ridiculously oversized tote bags, it is rare that I opt for a small bag. I don't only many at all! This one though is a staple - perfect for a day out when you want your hands free to shop!

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