DIY: Glitter Soled Heels (and last minute sales!)

While I may love Christian Louboutin heels, my budget does not. So, inspired by Louboutin’s iconic red heel, I decided to take on a DIY. Given my absolute, never-ending, undying love for gold glitter I decided to DIY the sole of a pair of black pumps to be covered in gold glitter. The project was actually really easy, and the result is fantastic so I just had to share this DIY with you all!

Everything I needed for this project I got at Michael’s, so your local craft store should have everything you need. The entire project took just under an hour (plus two days of shoe drying time)

For this project, you will need the following items:

-       your chosen heels

-       Martha Stewart Gold Glitter

-       Martha Stewart Glossy Finish Mod Podge
 - painters tape

-       a sponge brush

-       an area covered in newspaper that you can glitter on!
Step One:
Cover your heels (and I mean COVER) in painter’s tape. This will protect your shoes from all the stray glitter. Glitter has a way of finding its way onto and into EVERYTHING. (You’ll notice I did not fully cover one of my heels and I regretted it for the whollllle 20 minutes I spent getting the glitter off them afterwards!)

Step Two:
Using your sponge brush, cover the sole of your shoe (don’t forget the inner edge of the heel part) with the mod podge. (see below)

  Step Three:
Shake glitter to cover the entire mod podged area. Tip: Do this over newspaper so you can fold up the newspaper with the leftover glitter and pour it back into your tub of glitter for later use. (see below)

Step Four:
Using your sponge brush, cover the entire glittered area with mod podge again (see below)

Step Five:
Repeat steps three and four. Adding a second layer of glitter will ensure even coverage, filling any of the ‘holes’ that applying the mod podge may have created. Adding a second and final layer of mod podge will seal in the glitter and leave a shiny finish. Tip: Be sure to use GLOSSY finish as I recommended, you do not get the same results with a matte finish mod podge – it leaves the glitter looking dull.

Step Six:
Leave your heels to dry for at 48 hours. Then, carefully remove all the painters tape.

And Voila!! You are now the proud owner of some kick ass glitter soled heels!!

If you try this out I would LOVE to know! Tag me in the Instagram of your finished product and tag me @legalleeblonde

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  1. Aww, love this idea!! I need to try ..

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop, pinning :)

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