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Today's post is a personal one. Bare with me. My grandmother has very advanced stage Alzheimers. It has been a challenging year for our family (especially my saint of a mother who has done so much caregiving). It has been hardest though, I suspect, on my grandpa. Last week was my grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. Despite my grandma's disease, my grandpa was determined to celebrate their special day. My grandpa still lights up every single time he sees her. I have never seen a stronger bond or a love more pure. 

So, off my grandpa went and bought my grandma roses. He wrote her a card. He spent the entire day with her, hand in hand. In a rare lucid moment towards the end of the day; they danced together. As my grandpa held her close he whispered in her ear "Happy Anniversary sweetheart"; and she smiled.

Today she is back to the daily struggle of trying to remember how to
walk, and how to eat. Advanced Alzheimers patients often forget how to swallow and how to move their limbs - despite their being no physical ailment within their body. I am so, so thankful for the rare day that she and my grandpa were able to share.

The reason I am sharing this with all of you is because today I am proudly partnering with Bravelets. Bravelets is a non-profit organization that makes beautiful jewelry in support of great causes. All jewelry is inscribed with the reminder "Be Brave".

10% of every bravelets purchase is donated to a non-profit organization /charity of your choosing - with over 100 to choose from. In support of my grandma I chose to donate to the Cure Alzheimers Fund. I would love to know what charities/causes are close to your heart. 

In her younger days my grandma actually owned a jewelry store. She LOVED fashion, and I credit my fashion sense to her. As my grandmother once told a teenage me "if you like it darling, you must always buy it in two colors!" I hope you can all keep that sentiment in mind when browsing Bravelets! Tis the season of giving, now let's give a gift with meaning! 

On behalf of myself and my grandma, thank you to everyone who supports a cause through Bravelets.

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  1. wOW!!! :O What a great lady indeed! :p


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