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polka dots and stripes print mixing

My favorite part of fall fashion is the print mixing. Stripes, plaid, polka dots, & leopard are probably the 4 biggest prints of fall - and they work great when mixed together!

The key to print mixing is balancing the sizes - ie. if one print is very small, the other should be large. So, tiny polka dots work well with thick stripes, while big polka dots work better with thin stripes.

Liven up your work wear this fall, by doing some print mixing! If you are print-mixing-shy (yes, we're labelling that a term haha) stick with one printed item worn with a basic, and add your second print in via your shoes! The 8 pairs below (2 of each of the top 4 prints for fall) are a great way to ease your way in to print mixing your outfits.

In other news, if you follow my instagram, you may have seen my story about doing a Facebook live Q&A! I have been getting a lot of reader questions via instagram DMs (and a few good old fashioned emails) so I am going to round some up for a Q&A! 

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me (fashion, beauty, about me) send me an instagram message or leave it as a comment below! I'll try to do the Q&A video this weekend!

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