How to Wear Over-The-Knee Boots to Work

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  Blouse // Sweater Vest // Skinny Dress Pants (my favorites - and they are on sale!) // OTK Boots ( and similar under $50) // Handbag // Similar Necklace 

First things first - enough with the snow already. Sorry for the snowflakes in these photos, but with the unusual weather we have been having here in Vancouver lately, it has been nearly impossible to get blog photos sans snow. This is probably payback for all those winter days I mocked my east coast friends for living where the air hurts their face. #KarmaPeopleKarma 

Now, on to the post. Can you wear over the knee boots to work? I have been asked this a number of times by readers, and my initial reaction was to say no but, as you have heard me say before, I *hate* flat out 'no's' when it comes to fashion. So, I decided to try out some styling ideas to see if there was a way to make OTK boots work appropriate. The good news? I actually found 2 ways to wear OTK boots and still look professional. This is look 1.

So, what is the 'takeaway' from this look in terms of styling over the knee boots in a professional way? The streamlined look from boot to pant. 

As you can see I paired black over-the-knee boots with my black skinny pants. It's easy to tell when close up that I am wearing over the knee boots, but it is subtle enough to not stand out in a corporate setting. Subtlety for the win.

For the same reason, I would stick with flat or low heel OTK boots if you are looking to wear them to work. Plus, you get the added bonus of actually being comfortable in your work day footwear

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  1. I am so over the snow as well, it does however make for pretty photos. Love this look, perfect office look.

    xx, Elise

    1. Ugh right?! Is it summer yet? And haha yes thats true - the snow can be pretty.
      And thank you so much!

  2. Great way to incorporate your OTK boots for work. I almost didn't even see them! I also wear mine with skirts that hit my knee so they just kind of disappear under my skirts. I hope you get a snow break soon.

    1. Thanks Jennie! They are sneaky OTK boots haha. Yes I LOVE that look as well - weird timing actually as my "part 2" for styling otk boots for work goes live tomorrow and may in fact feature just such a look ;)

    2. ... And by tomorrow, I mean Friday. Wow this week is doing a number on brain already and it's only Tuesday. Haha. Tomorrow is my usual Wednesday Wants and then Friday's outfit post is part 2 of the OTK boots! :D

  3. Love this professional way to wear them to work! Skinny work pants are a must for any office so that they can easily be tucked into boots for the winter...I don't know how people's feet don't freeze at work otherwise!

    1. Thank you! And yes - i totally agree! Skinny pants are definitely a must have item for any snowy climate!
      Thanks for stopping by <3


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