Wednesday Wants: New Fall Releases - Shoes

I have been wanting to update my shoe closet for a while now, and seeing all the great pairs available right now is certainly making me want to splurge! Suede shoes for work are a favorite of mine - so I am happy to see so many suede styles this season. I also love how many great flats there are - as some days you just need to give your feet a break from heels!

I'm currently trying to do 4/5 work days in heels, but give myself one day in flats. Cute flats (like these ones here!) definitely make it easier to give up heels for the day for the sake of my poor feet! 

I hope you all have an awesome day at work! I've got to go to courthouses in a couple different cities today so it should be a busy one for me. (...and yes, given all the running around I'm doing today, today is most-definitely my flats day haha)  

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  1. I love the olive green for fall!

    1. Me too! I am loving olive and burgundy shoes right now.

  2. I love them all!!


  3. These are all super cute! I'm loving the flat options!
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